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Way More


Way More provides comprehensive commercial and residential fit-out services for the interior finishing or refurbishment of your property. We place great importance on understanding the exact needs of our clients and offer tailored project solutions to best meet those needs. Our experienced engineers design, plan, and execute construction and renovation processes including standard and custom joinery works, regular & specialty painting, tile & marble installation, gypsum installation, aluminum & glass works, spray painting, wallpaper installation, carpet installation, metal fabrication, furniture layout & assembly, and more.

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Creative Wrap


Creative Wrap is the new generation of renovation, we offer a cost effective, eco-friendly way to upscale your space in less time than conventional renovation methods. Founded in 2018 by two British expats Lloyd Williams and Aaron Mitchell, who together decided to revolutionize the interior industry by introducing the UAE to this very unique concept. The idea behind this concept stemmed from co-founder Lloyd Williams seeking an innovative, yet cost effective way to upgrade his Dubai rental property, during his research he discovered that no company in the UAE specialized in the concept of interior wrapping with Architectural film. The aim was to simplify home and office renovations without the need for weeks of labor, heavy duty tools and a total mess. Creative Wrap have a 4,000sqf Showroom in Dubai Investments Park, two small showrooms in ACE Hardware, one in Festival City and the other in Festival Plaza, and are expanding into the GCC & Europe very soon, subscribe to our newsletter to keep updated on our exciting journey and receive exclusive offers.

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Mistral Cleaning Services


Mistral Cleaning Services is a French owned company, delivering high-end specialized cleaning, disinfection and maintenance services in Dubai.

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Kitchen Scape


Kitchen Scape is renowned for designing kitchens, wardrobes, and vanity for the most exclusive and individual properties, offering a tailored service for all rooms within the home, including kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, living spaces, studies, and bars. Living the belief that your home should reflect you and your family, KitchenScape creates inspirational living environments that raise the spirit, free the imagination and tell your story by design.

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Spades Home


Spades Home (, a Queensman company (, offers our flagship product in UAE, introduced to provide a peace of mind in annual property maintenance with a warranty that assures the diagnosis, workmanship and service quality. A holistic approach with a focus on preventative care rather than reactionary, at a fixed annual price. Underlying our approach is a data mining engine that helps us provide the best diagnosis and preventative care – prevention is always better than cure! - Expert maintenance staff - 4.7 Google ratings - Top Quality materials - 400+ satisfied clients Our services include: - Ac Maintenance - Electrical services - Plumbing services - Carpentry services - Pest control - Painting services We cover Residential, Retail and Commercial Properties across the UAE.

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Siji Greenhouse


As an industry leader in the design, implementation, and maintenance of interior landscape projects, we have the capacity and expertise to deliver a full range of end-to-end solutions for interior planting. This includes everything from the initial consultation through the development of the design philosophy, and the preliminary and detailed designs, to the final implementation and continued maintenance. We’ve been the indoor landscape contractor for many projects in Dubai including Dubai International Airport, Dubai Festival City, The Fairmont Hotel, and many more.

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CWS Dubai was established in 2013 to promote WPC, Hybrid Products, BBQ Grills and Outdoor Kitchen both supply and installation. Our offices are located in Dubai and Sharjah year-round stock availability in our warehouses. Our production steps include in-house designers, civil engineers, and a professional installation team that provide best-in-class service to suit all your requirements. Our Products are of the highest quality. Therrawood made in Turkey and Bull BBQ made in the USA.

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Lumen At Work


Lumen At Work is your lighting expert in the region. With over 20 years of presence in the Gulf, we have created a solid expertise about LED lighting technology. Our clients call us their “lighting partner “and not their supplier. It is worth it to have a lighting expert onboard your project, we can assist you from design to supply and commissioning, help you to optimize your energy consumption, and relieve you of recurring dimming and lighting control issues.

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Blue Amber Technical Services LLC


Blue Amber Technical Services LLC is committed to providing your home or office in Dubai with painting, wall paper fixing, AC cleaning & Covid-19 disinfection services. Our team takes great pride to assure you get the highest standards of quality for our services. We take special care to ensure your health and the safety of our employees at the workplace are not compromised by taking effective precautions and using cleaning and painting material of the highest quality as mandated and approved by the Dubai Municipality. Feel free to reach out to us for any queries related to deep cleaning, painting or disinfection against covid-19.

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Alexander Titaua Interior Design


Alexander Titaua Interior Design is a Dubai-based interior design firm specializing in high-end and luxury residential. From creation to implementation, each project entails strategic reflection on the brand, concept, materials, and furniture shapes. Alexander Titaua offers tailor-made solutions for construction, renovation, and design projects. We also offer turnkey projects by providing all the necessary supplies for the furnishing. Our mission is to provide a creative and elegant service in connection with your personality. Each of our contractors are carefully selected for its reliability and quality.

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Grout King


Grout King specializes in tile and grout restoration to full villa renovation. Internal and external works across the UAE. We provide all building and accessory materials required for your job, making us a one-stop shop for all your renovation needs.

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Mayfair Wrapping


Mayfair Wrapping is a British-owned and managed company providing an exceptional level of service using only the best tried and trusted material available on the market. Our team of professional installers, trained to the highest standard, offers a mess-free vinyl wrap fitting service and our experienced managers are available to guide our client’s through the flawless and timely execution of any wrap design project. The company has been established over 2 years in the UAE and the owners having been in this sector for more than 10 years, we believe we can offer the best advice and service.

New Construction

With the abudance of new property across the UAE, new construction comes down to mainly building a new villa or supporting objects, such as garage, swimming pools, pergola etc. On, you can find the best contractors to do any such construction.

For building a villa, you can choose Modern Arabic Architecture, Contemporary Architecture, or Mediterranean Style. Any of them would like nice the UAE landscape and server you well over the years. See more here.

Supplementary objects, such as pools and pergolas, will be exposed to sunlight and high temperatures, so if you want tom look them great over the years, then make you sure you have the right contractor to do the job and do not save too much on the materials. Here is more

Home Renovation

Though villas and apartment are mainly new across the UAE, they often need renovation and improvement. This can include focused improvements like modernizing kitchen or bathroom, as well major projects such as a complete villa renovation. Since renting is quite expensive in the UAE, most people prefer to work with the contractors that can deliver on time and quality with the first attempt! On our site you can find the best UAE contractors for such projects, as well many tips to make the journey as pleasant and predictable as possible. Have a look on this 2023-24 Remodeling styles.

Maintenance and Repair

Let’s face it – the UAE climate is not the best for real estate. In the summer, the temperate can raise to 50 degrees Celsius, while in September-October humidity can be as high as 80%. To feel well inside your apartment or villa, you should take a good care of the property, especially everything outside (AC, water pump, doors, garden etc.). However, with the existing abundance of low-quality fixers, the challenge is that a small repair problem can quickly become bigger – think about an unqualified team doing a routine AC clean and breaking an expensive AC cooling unit! On our platform you will find only best contractors to do any maintenance and repair work, as well a lot of practical tips – just have a look on our Blog.

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